Social Software Without Complexities

We provide you with social media software without complexities and the ability to avoid distractions the social media algorithms try to catch you in. Get in, Get out, and grow your business.

All for just $99/month forĀ unlimited number of social channels.

Centralized Dashboard

Access all of your social media channels in a centralized dashboard.

Social Posting

Streamline, schedule and post to multiple social media channels effortlessly.

Social Calendar

Visually see your posts, change days with drag-and-drop.

Social Library

Standardize and store all of your social images in a centralized library.

Social Library

Standardize and store all of your social images in a centralized library.

Social Software

Avoid The Social Media Rabbit Hole

The challenge of being on social media or not is becoming a hot topic with continual Facebook algorithm changes, new social media channels, etc. Our time as business owners and the employees that have to maintain them is getting out of control.

Social media is an actual daily time suck to be done correctly. It is taking 1-2+ hours out of each of our days.

Social media is a necessity for growing your business, but... is it one you need to live on the platform to be successful?

I say "no" to that answer. You can be on social media and even respond to people on social media without being on social media... how's that possible?

By using social media software, you can achieve social media bliss without going down a social media algorithm rabbit hole. You may think you're trading one control for another. You are, but equally, you are not. Let me explain.

With social media software, what you do is you get on the program and schedule everything days, weeks, and even months in advance. You can reach more social media channels and spend time.

But what about the messages that come through? You need to respond to those people. I hear you and thought the same thing. How about a centralized "inbox" where all communications from all channels go? Now you can check once a day, or as often as you want, and not get sucked down the social media algorithm rabbit hole. And it is a rabbit hole as they design the social media feeds to suck you in, as that is how they make their money.

By utilizing software, you get the best of both worlds. No social media distractions. You stay laser focused and get in/out in minutes. In fact, you can even get a mobile app (yeah, another app!!!!) that notifies you when you have messages. So now you don't even have to check.

Oh, and to just add a little more icing on the cake, there's ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence) functionality too. You save even more time by integrating a "smart" chatbot into the mix to help answer a ton of questions.

Will the software handle all social media channels? No. But it handles the ones your business needs to grow and be successful. The channels are Facebook, Facebook Groups (yes, groups!), Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and TikTok.

And the best part? Yes, there's more! You get a centralized library for all of your social media channels, your newsletter is here, and you can even incorporate text marketing campaigns in this single spot, too, for no additional costs (unless you send a ton of texts -- most of us don't!). Simplification of your life all over the place. What are you waiting for?

Before: 1-2+ hours PER DAY, depending on how distracted the social media algorithm made me. Yes, I went in with a purpose, but I'm human and often get distracted.

Now: I log into the software once a week (or month) depending on the site and schedule for that week, month, and a couple are yearly!!! Yes, yearly, with the occasional logging in to add additional posts. I check messages, which are rare, and get out.

Savings: I now save anywhere from 7-14+ hours PER WEEK. That's more than an entire day I get back.

The question to get off or stay is ultimately up to you and how you see the value of your time. With the right social media software, you gain time, capabilities, and greater growth potential without the rabbit hole.

Social Dashboard

All Your Socials In One Place

Whether you have one social media channel or dozens, you can see everything in a single place.

If you run multiple companies, you can even organize everything within specific groups for enhanced organization.

Currently available social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Business Profile (GBP) (formerly Google My Business [GMB])
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
Social Posting

Streamlined & Simple Posting

  • Post to multiple accounts and groups.
  • You can utilize Chat GPT AI to assist in creating content or images.
  • Schedule your posts to post immediately or at a schedule you want.
  • Bulk import your posts as well.
  • Utilize templates to make certain your information is consistent.
Social Content Calendar

Easy to See / Move Posts

See that you have the right coverage on your social media posts. Move posts to different days just by dragging and dropping. Easily make changes and corrections.

Social Library

Store All Of Your Posts Centrally

We know digging and finding images you've used previously can be hard, especially if you're not on your regular computer. You no longer need to worry as you now will have a centralized library that is always available with no storage restrictions.

Centralized Inbox

All Your Social Channels Together

When your customers send you a message, you no longer have to log into that channel, and then another. One location controls it all. Including Google Business Profile and your website.